By adopting a class or special area at Pleasant Grove Elementary and making a tax deductible donation of $100.00 or more, a local business or individual will have the opportunity to make an investment in the most important part of our community – the students and our future.  All of the money received will go directly to the class you requested, or to a class in need if unspecified.



  • Certificate of Membership
  • Thank you letter from the class
  • Thank you letter from our Principal
  • Letter sent home to parents of the class, telling them about their adoptive business partner
  • Recognition on the PGE website and in monthly parent newsletters.


On a very limited budget, a teacher must purchase everythingfrom art supplies to computer software. When a class is adopted, the classroombudget is greatly increased! We would love to see every class and programadopted by a sponsor with Adopt-a-Class. You can help us reach that goal byadopting a class. The children and their teacher will greatly appreciate yoursupport.


Any business, organization, or individual can adopt a class or program at Pleasant Grove. Feel free to take a form to someone that you know or do business with and ask him/her to adopt a class. Adopters can include grandparents, aunt, uncles, or other family members. They can also include
doctors, dentists, beauticians, accountants, bankers, car dealers, or restaurant owners.


Information and membership forms are available in our front office or you can print out the form from our website. If you would like more information about Adopt-A-Class, please contact Julie Jones, Assistant Principal